Copy Editing

Copy editing is the glue that holds your final product together. Without it, everything just falls apart. If lacking correct grammar, syntax, clarity and concision, even the best work is easily overlooked.

Heavy Copy Editing 

Everything has a starting point. Once your manuscript (webpage, newsletter, etc.) is written, the first step toward publication is a heavy dose of copy editing. This process includes everything from sentence structure and content clarity to making sure every comma is used correctly. This is a job best done by an outside source with a trained eye. Even the greatest author misses his or her own errors. We’re all human and we all get lost in our own work.

Light Copy Editing

This is usually one of the last steps before publication. Light copy editing is to ensure that all the edits, proofreads and rewrites along the way didn’t create additional errors. Every change comes with the risk of accidental mistakes and basic human errors. Light copy editing ensures that every i is dotted and every t is crossed.

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