Prettiest but Most Beautiful. Greatest but Most Fantastic…What’s the Deal?

Words Blob

Why can’t I say beautifullest or most great? Who makes these rules anyway?

When to Use -est

I try to stay away from complicated explanations that use terms like “superlative” and “adverb” so I’m going to tell it to you straight.

The suffix -est is typically used instead of most in single-syllable words and words that end in -y.


When to Use Most

Putting most before a word instead of adding the suffix -est is typically appropriate when the word contains more than one syllable.


The Dreaded Exceptions

Remember…all decent grammar rules have exceptions.

Irregular adjectives (some random words) tend to use most instead of -est, even if they are only one syllable. And some random words will end in -est instead of using the word most, even if they are more than one syllable.


My personal favorites are the words that change completely.


And don’t forget the words that use neither -est nor more.


It’s a crazy world out there.


For help with word-choices, proofreading or anything else related to the mud-maze that is the English language, contact Unscripted.

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