Contact Unscripted

Don’t be a stranger!

There are several ways to contact Unscripted. Here are a few:

Comment on a blog post. The Comment option is in the top right corner of every post.

Example:  Comment Example

Leave a message through the Contact page of the Unscripted website. This will appear just like an email so you’re sure to receive a response.

Private message Unscripted through Facebook. You can also comment on the Unscripted Facebook page.

Send a message through LinkedIn. You can comment on the Unscripted LinkedIn page as well.

Send a direct email to There is just something satisfying about that electronic paper trail.

Send in blog suggestions, feedback or criticism. Ask for an opinion about grammar, writing or marketing. Complain to me about the complications of the English language. Ask for a quote or estimate for a project. Tell me what you had for dinner last night. You send it and I’ll respond. (Unless you send actual spam mail…then my spam blocker will just delete it.)

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