Commonly Confused Words


These are words that we’ve probably all misused at some point in our lives (even if we don’t admit it). They’re the words that we read 17 times while we’re proofing our work before we catch the error. Review the below just to make sure you’re not caught using the wrong word when it really matters.

Accept / Except

If you need some more clarification on this one, check out the previous blog about these particular homophones. These two words are always at the top of the list so they are worth mentioning twice.

Accept: Receive or Include

Except: Apart From or Excluding


Advice / Advise

Advise is one of those words that spell-check may not recognize. However, it is a word and it does not have the same meaning as “advice.”

Advice: Guidance or Direction

Advise: Recommend


Assent / Ascent

Assent: Acceptance or Agreement

Ascent: Climbing Up or Rising


Bare / Bear

Bare: Uncovered

Bear: To Carry; The Furry Mammal


Brake / Break

Brake: A Device for Stopping

Break: To Separate; A Pause


Coarse / Course

Coarse: Rough or Uneven

Course: Passage; Subject of Learning


Complement / Compliment

Complement: Accompaniment or Match

Compliment: Praise or Accolade


Ensure / Insure

This is another one that merits mentioning twice. For more detailed information, check out the Assure, Insure or Ensure? blog.

Ensure: Certify or Guarantee

Insure: To Cover or Protect (Financially)


Loose / Lose

Loose: Moveable or Unfastened

Lose: To Misplace; To Fail


Stationary / Stationery

Stationary: Motionless or Static

Stationery: Writing Materials


These are only a few of the most commonly confused words in the English language. Reach out to Unscripted for guidance as you navigate through writing, reading or speaking English.


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